Guide to WordPress Site: The A-Z Manual

A-Z WordPress Guide

One of the greatest factor where people think or stay back is that they really don’t know if they can search each and everything manually to setup a site using WordPress themselves. 

Here’s when this guide comes to rescue. All the things packed into one little eBook. Just get it and get ready to launch your own website without any hassles.

Not only that, you get exclusive discounts inside on everything from themes to plugins. 

topics Covered

Domain + Hosting

Purchasing Domain + Hosting

Installting WordPress

Guide to install WordPress & it's settings

WordPress Plugins

Guide to plugins & page builder. Building your own site from scratch.

Fixing Day To Day Error

Mastering WordPress. Fixing all errors on your own.

A-Z WordPress Guide

Grab It For Kick-Starting Your Own Site

Don’t take my word for it. Just get it for free and see for yourself.

  • Guide to buying Domain + Hosting
  • A Full Guide To Install WordPress
  • A Full Guide To Basics of WordPress
Emad Iqbal Ali

Author spotlight

I never thought I will be compiling this eBook just to teach people getting started with WordPress even I had no idea what WordPress was. I self thought myself from greatest sites teaching them. From them and my little experiments, I compiled this eBook. I’m sure it is more worthy.

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for straight 3 years. I learnt a lot about this platform and is willing to learn more as I go. I love teaching people for free.

Emad Iqbal

Readers say

A straight amazing guide to be honest. All in one complete pack for kick starting your own site without having any knowledge. He guides in this book like a pro with all steps neat and clean. I was just given this book for free to check it out and I must say this is so worthy that he should charge much more than what he is charging but he says, “Not everyone looking to start site is will get convinced to pay a lot more for starting out”. He is right anyway, check it out. I recommend this guide if you’re a plain beginner.

Khaja Vali, K.V Educational Academy

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