Where To Download Samsung Stock/Official Firmware? [2018]

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All of you might agree with me that it’s a pain in the ass when it comes to finding and flashing a stock/official firmware for Samsung devices out there. The first thing that goes in many of the flashers is that Damn SamMobile not again man! SamMobile has been giving away firmware but at very low download speeds. 

To be honest SamMobile, please upgrade your free plan to a speed of at least 200kbps! The 15kbps is just so slow for those big 3GB firmware files seriously. 

As we all know, there was a trick to download the firmware from SamMobile using their utility app called ‘SamFirm’ at higher speeds. It is now discontinued or removed from its existence for some reason. (Maybe we know the reason, $$$)

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Where to download Stock Firmware for Samsung Devices?

We have a lot of Samsung devices in the world I mean a lot. Many devices get imported by someone gifting to someone from another country and many are willing to grab latest updates from another region’s stock firmware. This is when it comes to flashing your firmware to fulfil our personal need. Some might want to flash because of shifting to another country while some needs to grab latest updates from stock firmware released for another country first. In this article, I’m going to tell you some alternatives to SamMobile which is the main and best supplier of stock/official firmware for Samsung devices to date.

Alternative to SamMobile:

  1. Updato – Official Firmware Downloads for Android and Samsung

    It is the first alternative to SamMobile. I know they don’t have all those latest firmware but to some extent they have. After all, you can always receive OTA updates to the latest version even after flashing an older version of that particular ROM.

  2. Samsung-Update – Latest Firmware (Not all Samsung devices variants)

    Another alternative to SamMobile. They don’t have all CSC’s firmware available to download. However, some might find there here as well after no luck at first alternative Updato.

I have discussed two alternatives to the best stock firmware distributor (SamMobile) for Samsung devices. Due to SamMobile putting up the restriction on their download speeds and only enable unlimited download speeds for those who have bought their membership. Therefore, people who cannot afford or willing to pay for their membership looks for high download speeds and alternative to SamMobile.

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