All-Time Best Horror Movie Chapters You Should Never Watch Alone

Booo! Do you really like horror and thriller at the same time? Well, this article is for you. Make sure you grab your blankets and check if someone is there under your bed if you’re alone or call your friend to watch it together.Today, I am going share some of the all time best Horror chapters of the movies which are worth watching and also cannot be watched alone without a blanket. xD

Let’s Begin!

  • The Insidious Chapters 1,2,3 & 4
These chapters give you amazing thrill throughout the movie. The characters are most suitable for 18+, so no movies with kids especially the chapters of Insidious. All chapters are related to each other. The power of going to the world of Ghosts better describe these chapters. Watch and Enjoy.
  • Sinister 1 & 2
Better known as Thriller. It is based on the ancient rituals in which the kids of the family kill their own family in a brutal way. Go and watch it.
  • Annabelle 1 & 2
It is based on Dolls as a doll maker daughter was tragically killed. They believe that the spirit is roaming and haunting their house ever since then. Have a good night with your Dolls if you have one.
  • The Conjuring Series
You should be watching all of the 3 parts to experience the best thrilling experience. Go and watch it now. Enjoy the movie.
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