The Story Behind Sumaiya's Arabic Calligraphy & Art.

Sumaiya Afreen is studying architecture as a full time while being an amazing artist in her free time.

Sumaiya Afreen Calligraphy sumaiyas_palette

By Sumaiya Afreen

Ramadan Kareem, everyone! I have something new for you here. Recently scrolling through my Instagram I was impressed with the art works and cannot withstand to share it with you guys. 

Art is an amazing part of the earth. 

Why? It’s obvious. Art without Earth is just “Eh”. 

Just like this, Sumaiya has amazing artworks to share with us. Her Arabic calligraphy skills are just outstanding. 

Let’s talk about Sumaiya’s Arabic Calligraphy and arts in this post.

Bonus point here is, she actually does this art herself which properly fits around in your houses in frames and they look stunning just like you ordered from some cool artists out there.

She does sell them and takes custom orders too. In my opinion, the arts were fabulous to even look at them let alone framing them in our houses.

You can head to her Instagram and place orders for customized hand made arts for gifts or just  hanging on the wall.

Let’s take a skip of appreciation and let me show you her work so you can appreciate it too.


Can’t believe my eyes when I opened the art myself. It looks super neat, perfectly finished glossy painting. I was surprised that it was hand made by her. She was sweet enough to hand me the painting for free. (Thanks Sumaiya, ;P) 

This is the art I got with her autograph on it, lovin’ it? Hell, yeah!

All the pictures are shot by her. I’ve taken the permission to share it on my blog and giving her all the responsibility for the images.

Source: [email protected]_palette

She takes all the orders and fulfils them on her Instagram account. If you’re looking forward to sharing it with your friends and family then make sure you link it back to this page or to her Instagram profile and that would be very kind of you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or promotional blog post. Surprisingly, I love her talent and that’s how she got featured here. Thanks!

Looking to get your house with some amazing art? Here you go!

If you love her work then feel free to contact her on Instagram. She will be assisting you further with all the orders or requirements you have.

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