Hey, nice to see you here looking for services offered by me. 

As I offer making blogs or website for you from the scratch and get you started. Later, you just need to take care of posts you’re going to publish on your blog.  Amazing right?

You can although get this done on many freelancer sites but I do it here for you as well. You just need to tell me domain name you want and I will make it for you. 

Before you make an order, I need these things from you. 

  • Domain Name You’re Willing To Register
  • Content for your homepage and design requirements
  • Additional pages you wanted to design like About, Contact, Write For Us, Etc.
  • Additional requirements you need, so I can install plugins for you.


How Can I Place Order?

Below you’ll find the plans. Chose the plan that fits you and place the order. While on the payment page, you’ll asked your details like Email and Phone number. Once placed, within next 12 hours I will contact you and then you can discuss all the details with me.

What Guarantee Is There That You’ll Do The Job?

That’s ok. I understand. You can always contact me first and discuss. For guarantee, I can handover you my copies of Identity in case, you’ve trust issues.

Do You Have Any Sample Work I Can Look?

Yes, I do. I made 3 websites so far purely based on WordPress that belongs to me and organization I worked with. Not only 3, I have worked with other blogs but they owned all the rights for it and I cannot claim I worked them hence, I cannot share it here.

  1. K.V Educational Academy
  2. Emad Iqbal Ali Portfolio
  3. Being Rich – Business Blog
  4. The Clockwise Store – Online Shopping Store


I don’t work in team. I work alone and hence I need time to build a blog. I will do all the requirements mentioned by you and hope you’ll love it. Thanks

Still not able to decide? Contact me!

$$$ With Blogging!

  Blog the right way! I'll be sending out only 4 emails a week which discusses the main tactics every budding bloggers should know. This tactics are only sent via Email and I don't share them usually on my blog. It is golden chance to learn something by just leaving your name and email here. Thanks! I hope you learn something from my Emails. Good Luck!
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