Samsung has no time for featuring the first On-Screen Fingerprint scanner

Early rumours about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 that it will be the first Samsung device to remove the front mounted home button.

Samsung was keeping an eye on the optical fingerprint sensors, like the Synaptics FS9100, which can recognize the fingerprint staying under the glass. As, Samsung and Synaptics have been working together since many years, it was likely that Samsung was going to fetch one of those in their new flagship.
Unfurtunately, most of the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus reveals that the fingerprint sensor is going just next to the camera sensor. That’s right back of the device of course.
However, a report from Korea says that the issue of changing the plans suddenly was due to the Samsung and Synaptics ran out of time. Samsung tried to pour the resources from Synaptics but the results were frustrating. They failed to embed a fingerprint scanner under than glass as the technology could not be developed as per Schedule.
It is much likely that Apple is making a rumours around of adopting this feature of embedded fingerprint under the glass sometime soon on its next iPhone. However, Samsung is also looking for facial recognition software along with iris scanner for more faster unlocking experience.
As many flagships other than Samsung and Apple has already put the fingerprint scanner at the back so there’s no big issue around, but it sounds like it will not be easy to convince the one who loves having fingerprint front mounted. It’s likely that it is going to be hard sell for Samsung this time.

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