No OTA update for iOS 10.3 in iPhone 5C/5 and iPad 4?

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As we know, Apple finally released the public version of iOS 10.3 after a long beta testing. When they released I was excited enough to go and check the settings for an OTA update. I checked the settings in iPhone 5S and hopefully it was there. I immediately connected my Wi-Fi and put it on the update as it was over 1.8GB. Now, I got my hands to my 5C and when I checked for OTA update in the settings, I was surprised as it says ‘iOS 10.2.1 Your software is up to date’.

My 5S just got the update how is it possible? The first thing came to my mind that maybe Apple has discontinued the updates for iPhone 5/5C/iPad 4 but I was wrong. It was kind of weird bug I guess.


You need to manually update the iPhone 5C/5 or any iPhone which shows that your Software is up to date even thought the latest update is out on other devices.

How to do it manually?

  • Connect the iPhone to the PC/MAC using the cable
  • Open the iTunes (Make sure iTunes is updated to latest version)
  • Now, iTunes will automatically ask you whether you like to update to latest version or not.
  • Choose Download and Install to update your iPhone to iOS 10.3
I hope they will fix this bug soon. I also don’t know whether it is happening with all the iPhone 5/5C or is it only me or little people. Anyhow, I decided to post it here to help the people who are facing this kind of issue.

Bonus Information:

  1. Apple decided to remove the HFS+ filesystem and replace it with newer and faster AFS filesystem. This increased the speed of iPhone slightly. Now, my iPhone 5C boots much faster than before. The animation seems smooth inside too. Battery life is pretty amazing in the new update.
  2. Now you are able to locate the Airpods using iOS 10.3
  3. New Apple ID settings is found located at the top in the Settings app.
  4. In the About section, you can find new TAB called Applications in which it shows Apps which are not updated by Manufacturers to support newer 64Bit architecture.
  5. 3D touch support for Weather and Podcast Apps.

Thanks for reading up my post. I’m hopeful and make sure that you don’t waste your precious time and gained atleast some information from my posts. If you really enjoy the stuff, head up sometime again to look up new stuff here.

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