The Secrets To Staying Fit & Lose Weight Fast BY Following 3 Simple Routine
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Are you looking to lose weight fast? Well, it’s not guaranteed. You have lose weight fast but not compromising your health. However, I list down few things to consider that can short cut your journey of losing weight faster than usual.


Before you thrash me, this 3 routine is best suitable for people with BMI in a range of 25-30 looking to stay back behind 24 or less. Those who are obese i.e, above 30 BMI need to cut down their own diet to healthy and hit cardio for 1 hour a day to see changes. (It ain’t that simple for them bro)

Never mind. Let’s get back to article.

Doing nothing to stay fit? Are you crazy?

No. It just that I don’t have time. LAME!


All I meant with the above title is, you can stay fit without even hitting the gym! Staying fit and healthy simply means being in a normal and healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) i.e, less than 24.

How do you achieve it?

I know plenty of my friends, relatives, and many more people aren’t in this BMI range which usually means they don’t come in the range of HEALTHY!


The lifestyle sucks!

3 words, and yes! This is the main problem of more than a dozen people who are unhealthy and I interacted with them to do my case study.

There are two types of people, not sure if it is scientific but according to my opinion,

  1. Type of people who never gains weight even after eating tons of food
  2. Type of people who gains weight even eating just a Nutella sandwich.

Many of them are type 2, and that’s how you’re on this article. Read on, you will understand plenty of things.

What Makes Them Unhealthy & Fat? What Are They Doing Wrong? Why They Can’t Lose Weight Fast?

Let me tell you point by point which will help you decide if the factors are responsible for your unhealthy self.

  • Eating Junk

    Yes, junk can be reduced if you’re type 2. Come on, you don’t need thousands of calories for a little piece of tasty food to your taste buds. Is it even worth it? I am not saying to restrict yourself from this tasty food out there, just be in a limit. Use Cheat Days like on weekend to grab some little of such tasty food.

    This is the most important tip if you want to lose weight fast because without junk there is a much better life and I can guarantee you that.

  • Consuming SUGAR Everything

    I have seen people making the beverages their daily routine and that’s totally okay! Beverages doesn’t make you fat, the thing inside does. THE SUGAR! Cut it down or either go for some 0 calorie sweeteners. And come on, show some resistance to Gulab Jamun, Laddu or whatever the sweets you’re consuming. THEY ARE DEADLY! Just kidding.

    Cut them down, lose weight fast. That’s all.

  • Give 10 mins Daily! 10 Minutes!!!

    I have seen people can’t devote their 10 minutes of freaking day towards the health. For God sake, do that! Just stay active 10 minutes intensely daily. Jog, Run, Cycle or whatever. Just stay active 10 minutes a day intensely and see yourself back after 3 months.

Well, the 3 simple routine are in front of your eyes. What else do you need?

Making something new as your routine and resist yourself from good and tasty junk food can be the hardest thing to do.

In longer run, it ruins your health exposing you to 33 different diseases just because you are carrying weight much more than recommended for you.

Every single thing either artificial or natural when comes under strain or stress will give out problems.

Similarly, your body does the same. Lose weight fast also possess risk and especially diet such as Keto or any Calorie Deficit diets can be harmful. So start slowly, you have much more to live ahead.

The extra weight than the recommend weight you need, will generate stress or strain on your body and the every organ inside it.

This is not what you need, so Get Fit & Save Money.


Cut down Hospital Bills! (Just Kidding) But It’s truth!

Are You Obese? Read This!

I understand.

Ever heard about HIIT?


Let me explain it, HIIT is nothing but called High Intensity Interval Training.

This is simple, and not some advanced level shit. HIIT helps you lose weight fast and that’s proven because this way, you burn more calories than regular training.

You can read more about HIIT here. Healthline covered a good article on HIIT.

In this HIIT, you just need to train yourself as fast as you can up to your capability in a short burst and then slow down yourself which will be your recovery period then you go to your full capacity again, and vice versa.

For example, run on a thread mill at a max speed for a short burst and then slow down a bit to recover then continue.

This is HIIT and is proven to be most effective.

If you’re obese or the one who want to loose weight faster than usual then you should try HIIT.


That’s all. Since my inbox was filled with lot of question on how I maintain myself and what diet I prefer, therefore I decided to write a post myself on losing weight the better way.

There are of course plenty of things to consider for losing weight but I just highlighted few things which works most of the time.

Give it a try, comment down below if it works for you. Do post your BEFORE/AFTER pictures to get featured.

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