Is iOS 10.2.1 stable on iPhone 5C?

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Hola, everyone.
Recently, I got iPhone 5c and was able to test it. I was amazed to see the latest iOS 10.2.1 update in it. There was not a single lagging issue even with 3-4 Apps opened for multitasking.

iOS 10.2.1 just gives similar experience as on iPhone 5S and iPhone SE which is lot better in hardware when compared to iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C has the same hardware as on iPhone 5 except the battery. The battery is bigger than iPhone 5 which is 1507Mah.

Let’s see what’s improved in latest update:

  • In iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 5C, I observed that I can get pretty amazing battery life on whole day on wifi. I tracked it using the battery setting in iOS 10.2.1 itself. It gives me a usage time of around 5 Hours and standby of around 26 Hours for just a single charge. Isn’t it great?

The other thing is that iPhone 5C managed the whole system liquid smoothly. There is no major issue running the latest software on this 3 years old babe. xD.

  • The camera quality increased as well in iOS 10 while compared to 8 and 9. I can’t how much exactly  but now it capture much more great photos in low light and with great details.
  • Charging is now much faster, I was able to achieve 30-100 in just 40 Minutes. Impressive though. I am using stock adapter with Griffin Cable. It might differ from stock cable.
  • The sound quality and overall performance increased slightly in iOS 10 while comapared to iOS 8, and 9. 
So, what you’re waiting for? There’s no lag or major issue. Just go on and update the iPhone 5C to latest iOS 10.2.1.
I hope Apple doesn’t stop this pretty phone from getting iOS 11. See you soon again!

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