Is Adsense worth it? How much you get paid by Google Adsense?

Hey, guys! Welcome to my blog. Today, we are going to discuss the Google Advertising placement service called Google Adsense.It usually allows you to earn money from your blog or website by placing Google Ads on them.

Well, is it worth to do it?

Basically, Google gets the largest share and you get a small percentage only. However, Google does pay us.

adsense how much it pays?

When it comes to money and you really wanted to earn a lot using your website then Google Adsense isn’t for you. They have low CPM rates but they have a great way of advertising. There is no bullshit in their ads. Simple and fantastic. This ad is automatically generated by checking what content you had on your blog or website.

Is Adsense free to join?

No, only the participation in Google Adsense is free. You need to look at their revenues on their official Adsense page to know more about it.

Do Adsense requires huge traffic for me to become a publisher?

No, not really. You don’t need huge traffic on your blog or website to get approved in Adsense. A minimum of 4k visitors per month would get you approved for displaying Ads on your blog or website.

What Payment methods does Adsense use?

They have several options to pay you the revenue earned using the Google Adsense Ads on your website. It includes Check, Wire Transfer, and western union.

How much does Google Adsense actually pay?

Well, it depends on your traffic and the kind of ads displayed on your blog or website. There is currently no way to estimate the earning but I will give some idea about it.

I currently receive 1-5k visitors on my blog in a month. Google Adsense paid me around $0.70 for a month. That’s really low. But if you are getting great traffic and quality content then you must get paid more.

Is there any term and conditions for using Adsense?

Yes, Google hates trolling people and scamming. Yes, Everyone hates scam. Therefore, any kind of pop up ads and malware providers claiming as Ads are on your website then remove them before applying for Adsense. Adsense is clean and pure. It doesn’t interact with your content and helps people to make it easy for reading and staying on your website for much more time.

It is a great start for a small blogger and website owner who are looking up for monetizing the content they love writing.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Thanks for reading up my post. I’m hopeful and make sure that you don’t waste your precious time and gained at least some information from my posts. If you really enjoy the stuff, head up some time again to look up new stuff here.

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