How to unlock Samsung region locked devices?

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Hey guys!
Welcome to Emad’s blog. Getting an issue with your sim card? Is it getting rejected or asking for an unlock code?
Then, Yup you’re at the right place.
In this post, I am helping you fix this issue. It’s related to Samsung devices prior to region locked.

Some FAQ’s:

1. How should I know that my device is locked to which region?
A. Umm, grab your phones box and check on its edges that it may have a printed sticker saying such as “Middle East and North African Sim card only“.
2. Why Samsung is doing this?
A. To prevent grey import from regions. Samsung doesn’t lock it to one particular network. It is an unlocked device and can be used anywhere in the world. Read how to fix it down.
Fixing the issue:
Grab the sim card of the region it says on your box and pop it in. Now, call customer service toll free number of that sim operator and keep talking to robot till 5 minutes.
Now, pop in any sim card and finally it get accepted.
Note: Newly purchased phones manufactured by Samsung from July 2016 onwards have this issue of region locking.
Thanks for reading.

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