How to save Instagram profile picture?

Hey guys! Welcome back to Emad’s Blog!
Ever wonder to save the others Instagram profile picture? Want to look at it at higher resolution which Instagram doesn’t let us, then you’re at the right place!

It’s easy just follow this couple steps to learn:
  • Open the Instagram profile of whose profile picture you want.
  • Note down the username
  • Go to browser, and in address bar type
  • Long press on Instagram profile picture or right click to copy image URL.
  • Now paste the link you copied in browser Address bar.
  • Press enter to view the profile picture. Now, to get the profile picture in high resolution you need to find s150x150/  in the link you copied and remove it from the link. Press enter for higher resolution profile picture
  • To save it, long press or right click to save it in your device.
Thanks for reading up my post. I’m hopeful and make sure that you don’t waste your precious time and gained atleast some information from my posts. If you really enjoy the stuff, head up sometime again to look up new stuff here.

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