How to quick charge your Smartphone?

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Many or almost 90% of the people in office uses laptop and they uses Smartphones too. They always don’t want to carry that bulky AC adapter with them to offices. So, just carrying the cable and plugging it in Laptops or PC’s right?

Now, the charging is damn slow! Like after 30 minutes your phone is still at 25%. OMG! That’s insane. This doesn’t happen with less capacity battery but nowadays which phones get lower Capacity except iPhone xD! All phones are atleast 2500 MAh to 3500Mah.

We have a solution here to quick charge your device even with Laptops and Computers. This software doesn’t do anything seriously just it tweaks the system files in order to gather power from the motherboard, I guess!? If I’m wrong correct me in the comment.

It also solves the case of iPad with that No Charging logo beside the battery when connected to PC or Laptop.

Grab this software here and install it right away to quick charge your device and save time.

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks! Keep coming for more tricks!

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