How to get Android N for LG G3 (D855) and a short review?

Hola everyone! How are ya? It’s Emad here with another post on 3M4D Blog.

Everyone loves to try out the new Android update specially major ones such as Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and so on. Recently we heard more about the Android N or simply 7 called Nougat. Isn’t it?
We all have that 2014 flagship with us, I mean many of us. This flagship only got Marshamallow update thats too with many difficulties xD. They took like ages for the Android M update. However, when they released the M there was already N waiting for launch. 
So, that 2014 Flagship the LG G3 which is an awesome device with the best AutoFocus camera ever on the smartphone. It comes with Snapdragon 801 with either 2 or 3GB of RAM and internal storage of either 16 or 32GB. Many of us fall for it just for it’s prettiest screen. Many of us were like OMG to that screen. It’s a QuadHD screen with Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
Anyhow, let’s stop praising this device because we all know how lovely it is.
Note: You need to be atleast on Android 5.0 for updating it to Nougat. This device will never get Android N officially. This is an official Android N by CyanogenMod and not by LG. Proceed with caution under your own risk.
Well, is it possible toget Android N on this LG G3?
Yes, it is.


There is a team out there working on Android Development called “CyanogenMod”. Maybe you heard about them if you’re an Android fanboy. So this team recently lauched the new Android N for the LG G3.
Is it stable? What is working and what is not? How is the battery life?

Yes, it is kind of pretty stable for daily usage. However, video recording cannot be done in my case or maybe yours too. But, I was able to record videos with Google Camera without any issue. All working perfectly no major issues after all. I’m using it since last 3 weeks. Battery life is pretty much same as we get on stock. However, it depends on how you use it and how many apps keep getting refreshed in background.
Where can I download the ROM?

You can download it directly from Cyanogenmod’s website. Here is the link for the nightlies
I’m a noob, but I want N badly? Is there a guide on how-to?

Yup, it is available. Here it is. Good luck bro. However, neither me nor this guide is responsible for bricking your device. 

Note: I’m not the owner of any ROM here. All hardwork goes to their respective developers. Donate them and show respect towards their hardwork. 

Other Downloads:

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