How to fix iOS OTA update failed to install?

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Hola, guys! Wassup!

You went to Settings —> General —-> Updates? Saw new iOS? 10.x.x? Clicked on Download and Install and later you came to know it’s always failing to update your iPhone.

It might be different cases, such as it stuck at between 0%-30% and say failed to install update or it might just show failed to install just after clicking download and install button down there.

How to solve this issue?

All you need to do is to update the iPhone using PC.

You need:

  • PC/Laptop
  • iTunes (Latest Version 12.5.4)
How to:

NOTE: Before proceeding, please take a backup of your iPhone in PC via iTunes so that after restoring successfully to iOS 10.2 you can restore the backup and find your device same as before but updated to iOS 10.2

  1. Connect the iPhone/iPad to your PC/Laptop and open the iTunes. Now in iTunes, click on device and go into summary tab and press the Update button. Now, check if an update is available via iTunes or not. If no, then head on to 2nd step or else it will download the update and update your iPhone.
  2. You’re at 2nd step, as iTunes can’t find an update and says it will updated to latest version. Now head on to IPSW firmware to download the latest iOS 10.2 (I have provided all iPhones firmware link down below)
  3. Once you downloaded the firmware, all you need to do is go to iTunes and click on restore while pressing shift simultaneously. Now, it will prompt you the new windows to locate the latest IPSW firmware which you downloaded. 
  4. After selecting the IPSW firmware, it will start extracting the firmware and then verify and install it. If you get any type of error, it might be wrong IPSW firmware. If it is right firmware, try making a new profile in your PC or try on Another PC.

  • IPSW Firmware (Signed and UnSigned)
  • iTunes 12.5.4 (Latest as of iOS 10.2) (You’ll get error while restoring 10.2 with old iTunes)

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