How to download any Movies online using Torrent?

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Hola, Guys!

Today you’ll learn how to download almost any movie online for free. You just need an internet connection probably unlimited though.

You Need:

1. Internet Connection
2. PC/Laptop
3. uTorrent

So, after this what?

You need some sites which provides you movies Torrents. Here are some of them I’ve been using for long to download movies. They’re the best. The movies are of good quality and some of them even are in Full HD quality.

Torrent sites:

1. ThePirateBay
2. KickAss
3. isoHunt
4. AhaShare
5. etorrentz

Now, all you need to do is go to one of this website and search for a movie name. Grab it’s magnet link or simply click on it. The uTorrent will automatically detect the magnet and open up and starts downloading the movie you clicked on.

It is just simple like this. Hope you enjoy the post. Leave your feedback in the comment section down below.

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