How much money can I make through YouTube?

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Today, we are going to learn how much YouTube pays us. So, let’s take a look at it.

In this several years, YouTube has been a great source of income for almost many YouTubers. There are plenty of channels on YT and some of the great channel types are How-To, Comedy, etc.

Starting a channel and getting enough views and subscriber to earn money is pretty difficult. Some people even start and doesn’t get satisfied enough and left it. But, to be honest it takes a lot of time to create a base if you’re a beginner and had no idea about making videos. You really need a lot of effort to attract viewers either by yourself on your looks or by your views.

Some of the great and popular YouTubers choose great their channel type as either Comedy or How-To. Their videos consist of great video lightning, editing and satisfying which gives them huge number of views.

Now let’s talk about how much they make?

YouTube pays us for the advertisement played on our videos. Also, some of the popular channels get offer from MNC’s to promote their products as well. Then the YouTuber accordingly make an script to promote their respective products in their videos.

YouTube has two kind of Ads which are basically Skippable Video Ads and Ads Overlay. The highest paying Ads are based upon the company revenue of that particular Ads. Therefore, not every YouTuber earns the same. YouTube doesn’t give you money for the subscribers neither likes. It only pays us for the view we get. Because when we get views on our video, the Ad is played and when the Ad is played we get paid.

It is estimated that a channel with over 10,000 views earn from $1-$20 per month. Therefore, a channel with over 1 Million views earns over $3,500-$50,000.

As of now, that’s all for now. I hope you got some helpful information. Keep visiting us for more such information.

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