Is DEN Broadband Worth The Money?

Every internet consumer has top priorities set when going for a broadband connections. Plenty of the users might be looking our for speed while others might be looking for data it provides monthly.

Therefore, today in this post we have DEN Broadband to discuss. DEN Broadband Private Limited is a company which is a subsidiary of DEN Networks Limited. They not only provide broadband services but also Over-The-Top entertainments through cable TV. They are the largest subscriber base among all the cable players in India.

The two things about the DEN Broadband is that they provide Value For Money and True Speeds. They are indeed the fastest growing Fixed broadband services across the number of cities and slowly expanding to other cities as well.

DEN Broadband is currently offering their services to selected PIN codes in the states like Delhi, UP. MP, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Kerela. They offer their services to a total of 50 cities and counting.

The Broadband Plans offered by the DEN Broadband are three in total.

  • 20 MBPS
  • 50 MBPS
  • 100 MBPS

As different cities might have different pricing therefore, DEN Broadband didn’t share the pricing along with the plan. Yet, you can drop them a message to know the pricing for your city and if they currently offer their service in your area.

DEN Broadband also gives you unlimited access to entertainment with DEN Basic and Premium Broadband plans which includes Games, Movies, Music, Music Videos, TV Shows and Originals. They are currently providing the entertainment with Hungama Play & Hungama Music.

They have made it convenient to purchase their broadband services. To know more about DEN Broadband you can simply give a miss call on 7827278080. They will call you back regarding the connection and plans you’re willing to take.

When it comes to Broadband recharge it is the top player. You don’t have to mess with going to offices or wait for the collection of payment manually. In DEN Broadband, you can simply pay for the plans using PayTM.

You will just need PayTM, in which you can go to Broadband section and you’ll find DEN. By choosing DEN, you’ll be asked for your subscription details and number to pay the bill.

Why You Should Choose DEN Broadband?

It’s clear. The broadband plans are starting from 20 MBPS and the prices are affordable. If you stream a lot either on Netflix or Prime Video, or simply download files and need browsing to be smoother then this is clearly for you.

Today, an internet with slow speeds aren’t considered by the customers. They are now used to high speed internet connections and this is what DEN Broadband provides you with. They work with advanced technologies to make sure that hassle-free wifi connections are provided and there is no compromise when it comes to speed.

Not all of you might be looking for a Broadband connection for your home. Isn’t it? If yes, DEN Broadband also provides you with Business Broadband. They provide broadband connections to businesses and they believe that downtime is one thing that any company shouldn’t experience.

DEN Broadband offers strategically customized Internet Leased Line plans for small, medium and large businesses ranging from e-commerce start-ups to established manufacturers, software firms, media organizations and travel agencies. Their fast and steady network promises to add value to your time and money.

They provide the following features for the Business Broadband Connections:

  • 24X7 Service Management
  • Symmetric Upload & Download Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple Internet Gateways for Guaranteed Internet Connectivity
  • Ring Network Topology which can scale to meet growing business needs
  • Value For Money
  • Dedicated 1:1 Fixed Broadband connectivity on a Fiber backbone

For enquiries about the Business Broadband plans, you can contact them on [email protected]

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