Custom Roms for Lenovo A6000/A6000+

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Cyanogenmod 12.1 [LolliPop 5.1.1]

Tested on :
1. Lenovo A6000 
2. Lenovo A6000+

Tested and bugs revealed:
3. Lenovo K30T 
4. Lenovo K30W 

This both devices i.e, 3 and 4 are tested and several bugs were found. 
1. WiFi disconnects automatically!
2. Sensors are not working at all!
3. Automatically restarts on its own!

If you want to try you can! Please don’t blame us for any damages to device or MicroSD.

How to install:

1. First download the ROM from here.
2. Download the Gapps according to you!
3. Download TWRP recovery here for Lollipop and Kitkat.
4. Extract the TWRP zip and open the .bat file to flash the recovery!
5. In TWRP recovery go to wipe –> Advanced Wipe –> Wipe cache, Dalvik Cache, Data and System.
6.Now go back to install tab and choose ROM and Gapps to flash.
7. First login make take more than 5 min.
8. Setup your account and setting of your phones!

Last step is to make this ROM stable at the most! All major bugs are fixed even minors too. No bugs are found yet for me. If you do please comment down below and I will post it on XDA. Or you may also do it!

This is the Update7 (4-3-2016) of the ROM. Please flash this as same as ROM.

Thank You so much! Stay updated here! I will update as soon as the next update is out so you don’t need to find and search for it.

Desclaimer: Attention! All developers work hard to make this ROMS for us. One should not steal the credits. All rights reserved to them. 3M4D Blog doesn’t hold any rights to this ROM or Recoveries.

Special Thanks to : ED300

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