How to Compress A DSLR Video Without Loosing Original Quality?

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Do you have a limited connection or a connection with average or low speed? Worry not, you’re at the right place. We all know the pain in the ass uploading a video with those huge size recorded by DSLR’s to keep the best quality for your subscribers. Now, we’ll show you how to reduce or compress the size of video while keeping the quality almost the same.

How to reduce video size to upload on YouTube? Emad's Blog

Let’s take a look into this!

You Need:

  1. Computer/Laptop 
  2. Handbrake (Software)
  3. Access to your YouTube Channel

  1. Record the video content you want to make for uploading on YouTube. After creating the video content, edit and finalise it using your editing software.
  2. Install the software (HandBrake) on your PC/Laptop. Make sure it is installed successfully.
  3. Double click on Handbrake to open it.
  4. After opening, click on File to select the video file you get in Step 1.
  5. Now, on the right-hand side, you’ve to choose the presets or say the resolution of the video. There are many installed presets to choose from.
  6. After choosing presets, now click on browse to enter the location where you want the new reduced/compressed video to be saved.
  7. Wait until it finishes the work.
  8. You’re good to go. The new file will be of less size and ready to upload on YouTube.
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