6 Netflix TV Shows You Should Watch Before You Die

netflix tv shows you should watch before you die

This post was last updated on 22/04/2020 Netflix, one of the best digital streaming networks for Binge-watching, I mean who doesn’t know about it. There was a time when McDonald’s logo was more recognizable than the holy Christian cross itself. Netflix has set a similar mark. We are going to look at Netflix’s TV Shows … Read more

3 TV Shows You Couldn’t Resist To Watch On Amazon Prime

Young Sheldon Amazon Prime Best TV Show

Done with Netflix? All shows comes up to be boring? Don’t worry, Amazon Prime comes to rescue with its exclusive 3 TV Shows. They too have their own exclusive shows available only on Amazon Prime. This 3 TV shows are the one you should definitely watch. Let’s get deeper into it. Starting with number 1. … Read more

A Horror Movie of All Time: Not For The Weak

I’m really a fan of Mystery and some thriller or horror movies. I would also watch combination of both. I watched everything out there. So far, I watched several highest rated Horror/Thrillers as well such as, The Conjuring The Conjuring 2 Annabelle Annabelle: Creation The Nun Insidious 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (Best Movie … Read more

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