Thursday, May 28, 2020
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How To Block COC (Clash of Clans) On Your Wi-Fi Router?

Are you looking to block Clash Of Clans (COC) on your Wi-Fi Router? I'm here with a tutorial on it. After getting fed up of...

How to downgrade from Windows Mobile 10 to Windows Phone 8.1 [GDR2] + WDRT...

Hi !Welcome back xD!I have been enjoying the new OS from the Microsoft and well that is Lumia Windows 10. Few months back, I...

Custom Roms for Lenovo A6000/A6000+

Cyanogenmod 12.1 Tested on : 1. Lenovo A6000 2. Lenovo A6000+Tested and bugs revealed:3. Lenovo K30T 4. Lenovo K30W This both devices i.e, 3 and 4 are tested...

Get DD-WRT for Tp-link WR841N/D v9 and v10!

Hey there! Have you been searching for extending range with WR841N/D or wanna just experience custom fimrware?!Well, then you are at the right place.As...

Sony Xperia Z2 Kitkat Firmware download for D6503

Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 Downloads:Kitkat 4.4.4 (.167) : Google DriveThis page will be updated periodically!Thanks!

Earn money from home? Get paid for clicks!

Welcome Back Guys...Have you ever wonder how we can make the money online without investing or doing some silly stuff like surveys which almost...

How to fix iTunes Sync: Failed to Install Error

Tunes sync failed to install This error mainly common with the people who are not much familiar the iOS and iDevice. It can be...

How to Install Kali Linux + Windows (Dual Boot)

Kali Linux Installation Requirement:1. Blank DVD or USB 2. 4GB + RAM3. 10GB minimum space in HardDisk Drive4. CD-DVD Drive support or USB boot supportPreparing for...

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