#BeyondTheEdge All round review of all new #AsusIndia #VivoBookS15

Hola everyone! I’m back with an another article on the Asus VivoBook S15. In this article I’ll be sharing all the things which are cool in this laptio. I’ll also be sharing how it can be useful for us in our daily lives being an entrepreneurs, students, creators, etc.

I might also remind you of the amazing giveaway by Mumbiker Nikhil in collab with #AsusIndia decided to giveaway two Asus #VivoBookS15 to the winner. To opt yourself into this giveaway then watch the Nikhil’s giveaway video. He is also going to reach a million subscriber soon so y’all guys help him out reach it. He’s the all time favorite MotoVlogger. Here’s his video.
The thing I liked the most in the laptop:
1. Super Performance
2. Long Lasting Battery life
3. Amazing Full HD IPS display
4. Big and better Mouse Pad
5. Very slim and light weight body.
6. Great pricing
Being an entrepreneur, you’ll have to face time. Management of time is what one requires. The faster the work is done the better it will be. This laptop is right for you! Its performance is just amazingly fast so that you may not need to compromise on any work. It will speed up everything from data analysis to your 100 tabs opened in a browser. An internet is a most and it should be fast enough for an entrepreneur. This amazing laptop has a blazing fast wireless connectivity which gives you a full speed of upto 700mbits per second. This laptop gives a fingerprint scanner so that everytime you never need to enter your password and waste time. It unlocks with just a touch.
I’m student and I can explain how it will be able to help students much better. We students go through a crucial time in their lives. It is the time where we learn amazing and new things. We make our best with creative thinking. The laptop here help us in making notes, presentations, designing, and learn other such activities. It can also help us in getting entertainment with its flattering nano-bezel screen giving a feel of cinemas. This laptop have amazing battery life so that we can work on it for hours without worrying about sockets nearby. It will also help us in designing and rendering our short films to keep our memories in it as it has more than enough storage option of 1TB.
We have many creators around the world. They makes vines, vlogs, how-to and so on. I being a how-to video creator on YouTube need a good rendering software and this software basically need a laptop like #VivoBookS15. It’s processor (Intel Core i7) and GPU (MX 150 Nvidia) combined with a solid 16GB of DDR4 RAM make rendering super fast in popular softwares like Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas Pro 13, & After Effects. I would love to test this beast out.
Putting all the specification aside, we’ll also have a look at its slim stylish body which makes it look cool. This laptop comes in two beautiful colors which are Gold and Black, The Asus India is providing us with awesome performance pack at this mid range price that you can’t resist to buy or gift it to someone this Christmas. Go and Grab it now at an unbelievable price.

Gorgeous isn’t it? A new premium feel just like the Apple MacBooks!

Hope you all like it. If you like the article, share and comment what you think about it. If you have an article to write for my blog, please enquire me on my email.
Thanks for reading! 

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