Best screen recording software for windows

Are you a fan of game plays? Do you love playing games and watching at the same time? 
Maybe you want to make a tutorial of “How To Fix Something” to put it on YouTube then you’re at the right place.
You might be wondering how one can record their own game plays and share it with others online. To get them started, I’m here with this article to let you guys know about the Best Screen Recording Softwares For Windows.

1. Bandicam

How to record your own screen or game

Bandicam is a screen recording software for windows with many great features. It comes in both a paid and free version. However, the free version watermarks the video you recorded. 

The main features of Bandicam include:

  • You can record selected areas of the screen.
  • Real-Time drawing.
  • You can also add webcam overlay in case of recording gameplay or tutorials.
  • You can record and mix your own voice along with system voice.
  • Add a logo to your video.
  • You can enable mouse effect which helps the viewers.

2. Camtasia Studio 8

Camtasia is an advanced screen recording software. It has many professional features unlike Bandicam and it is much harder to use. Although, it gives us professional editing to our recorded videos.
Some of the Pro features are:
  • Add special video effects
  • Drag-n-drop your edits
  • Animated Background
  • Music Tracks
  • Icons
  • Motion Graphics
  • Annotations
  • Screen Recording
  • Webcam Overlay
  • Media splitting and cutting
  • Transition 
I personally recommended buying this software for a better experience. You will never regret it. 
If you ask my opinion, then go for Camtasia. It is best with robust editing features along with Screen Recording + Video Editing. You can always allow some time to learn it.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have never heard about this applications before, maybe they arent so popupar as u wrote. But I hope u dont lie, and they will be helpful for me, cause right now I am downloading them from this site with Software for Windows and its just amazing service that I always use, strongly recommend to try it.


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