Apple decided to hire Jonathan Zdziarski as iPhone security Researcher

To my utter surprise, Zdziarski was finally hired by Apple few hours ago which he share this news through his personal blog. He is not new to Apple, as he has been working on Apple iOS security matters for a long time as an independent researcher. He also wrote several books on iPhone-Security related topics. Some of the book he focused on was Recovering data from smartphones and How to write a software for the electronic devices.

However, Zdziarski hasn’t told about what he is going to do on the very first day at Apple. He only mentioned that he is going to work for Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team. He also told that Apple has taken him on the basis of it’s new stance to protect the user data make a big draw for him to take this job. 
In the past, he also brought 2014 so-called backdoors in iPhone, which hackers could have exploited if it wasn’t brought to Apple’s notice.
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