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Emad Iqbal Ali

Hi, my name is Emad Iqbal Ali and I am founder and CEO of this blog. I am on a mission to help people manage their money effectively and stay rich.

When I was around 12-13 years of age, I always wondered about companies on how exactly they make such amazing and unique products that is completely satisfying for their users. 

My favorite company as a kid was Apple. I loved their product but also wanted to know how they do it, how much they make out of selling SmartPhones.

I grow up and begin to develop a lot more interest in entrepreneurship and companies all around me. Everything I use to buy, I would immediately the pack around and read the company that manufactures it and study about what they do and how do they make money. Until 2019, I never knew anything about Stock Market and when I came to know I was very fascinated to know that we can take part in the company as well i.e, buying shares. 

Since, I also was a freelancer, I had some money saved in Savings Account. I immediately searched for Broker and opened my DEMAT account right away.

I transferred almost 85% of my savings to the DEMAT account and dropped the plan of buying a new SmartPhone and picked up the shares of the company which I really liked. 

My first share was COALINDIA, yes I know it has been the wealth destroyer but come on it was just my beginning. As I move by, I came to know what exactly the COALINDIA was, and then I picked some other companies after a lot of research. I picked MotherSumi & BLS International Services and they really made me good amount of money over the time.

This whole time, I didn’t stopped. The whole financial world made be atmost passionate and I was ready to self teach me everything. I learnt about the brokers, margins, charts, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, then eventually the Futures and Options.

I studied throughly about the Basics of Stock Market, which I already covered on this blog.

Luckily I have gained a lot more knowledge in this past 2 years of experience in the Stock Market, and keeping an eye regularly on the prices makes me confident over the time. I still have a lot more to learn but I also love to teach what I learn and the mistakes I made in the initial stages.

I hope you liked the actual story of mine, and this is how I rebranded this blog, changed my whole niche to Finance and here helping you out with the knowledge I have. If you find this blog helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 

India is very backward in terms of financial knowledge and we really need to educate people about managing their finances in the better way. My blog mission is as simple as it looks. 

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Emad Iqbal.