5 Free iOS Utilities Apps You Should Have On Your iPhone

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Do you own an iPhone & looking for some applications to install on it? Then your search ends here. We have compiled a list of 10 Utility Applications for iOS that you would surely be going to enjoy. If you haven’t subscribed to our blog yet, then go on and subscribe to it for latest updates as well some interesting articles. We never spam!


Moving on to the list of applications, here we go! Enjoy!


Free iOS Utilities Apps You Should Be Installing Right Now


  1. UVLens: If you’re living in a country with the really bright sun out there then you must get this app. This helps you in knowing the UV Index out there and the main thing is it will show you how much time it takes you to burn the skin under the sun. It also recommends you the sunscreens to use.
  2. Cash App: This app will help you do one of the most difficult tasks we do in daily lives. Yes, it helps you in splitting the bill between friends and no matter which bank they are using. Pretty much, it is very useful. Give it a try!
  3. 1Blocker: Do you think ads are annoying? Well, it can be for many people out there. So, this app comes to your rescue as it blocks all the ads and tracks you get while surfing online. You can also get the full version of it is just $3. That seems pretty nice deal.
  4. Encrypt.me: Travelling a lot or do you spend time at stores with free Wi-Fi? Free Wi-Fi can sometimes be a great risk as it can steal your data. Therefore, this app masks your identity online and you’re secure.
  5. Snapseed: Handy tool for lighting editing and much more. It has pretty filters to try out as well as pro-level editing tools such as Curves, White Balances & RAW editing. It is a must-have app on our list!
That’s it for now guys! If we find more applications which are worth of time to try then we will surely add again to this article. If you’re subscribed, then you even may receive updates from us right away on your email. 
Thanks for reading our article. Please share and spread the love. 

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