How To Fix Font Not Supported Error On Samsung Devices?

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Samsung Font Not Supported Error

Are you coming from the page where you found amazing Samsung Flipfonts which took away your eyes and unfortunately all you see is the error “The Font Is Not Supported. Please contact the Developer. Uninstall this font?”.

Well, I have a way to figure it out easily without rooting your device or doing anything complicated.

Since the last Oreo update, Samsung devices simply shows this error while applying font from settings.

This is not an issue from Samsung, actually, it is from Google which blocked the ability to install custom overlays/fonts on their Android version starting from Oreo so does Samsung has to do it as well because they are using Android as well for their devices.

How To Fix “Font Not Supported” Error On Samsung Devices?

It’s pretty easy if you follow the steps closely and there’s nothing technical involved. It is just a basic trick to manipulate which allows the custom font to be applied without any error.

Step 1: Download The APK of Font For Flipfonts

If you cannot find a good font to install then here are some fonts which look cool. Download Cool Fonts For Flipfonts APK.

Apart from this, my personal favourite is Agent Latina Font which looks bold and cool at the same time. Looks totally badass on my Samsung Galaxy S8. Check out how it looks below and I am using High Contrast II theme from Galaxy Theme Store just in case if you’re willing to know.

Samsung Font Not Supported Flipfont Error Fix

Looks cool right? Now let’s go to step 2.

Step 2: Installing & Backing Up Downloaded Font

The font you download in Step 1 needs to be installed. To install the font, simply tap on font apk you download and it will be installed.

Once installed all you have to do is follow these steps,

  • Go to Home > Settings
  • Then to Accounts & Backup
  • Tap on Backup & Restore
  • Again tap on Backup Data
  • Unselect everything and select only Apps
  • Then press Backup

Now you’ve successfully backed up the fonts you installed.

Step 3: Uninstall The Font APK

Now, as usual, you have to uninstall the fonts you installed in step 2.

As this was a font APK, therefore it is not visible on the home screen as an app.

You will have to uninstall it from the settings, follow the below steps to uninstall the fonts apk successfully.

  • Go to Home > Settings > Apps
  • Search for the font you installed and tap on it.
  • Tap on Uninstall

You’ve successfully uninstalled the font.

Step 4: Restoring Font To Make It Work

In this step, we’ll follow the same steps performed in step 2.

  • Go to Home > Settings > Account & Backup
  • Tap on Backup & Restore
  • Now this time select Restore Data
  • Unselect everything and select Apps
  • Tap on Restore

Now you’ve successfully restored the font you downloaded, installed and backed up.

Last and final step is to apply the font.

Step 5: Applying Font

  • Go to Settings > Display
  • Tap on Fonts Size & Style
  • Choose Font Style to the font you downloaded.

Boom! Now it’s applied without giving you any type of “Font Not Supported” error.

It works on all Samsung devices updated to Oreo, Pie and Q or simply the Android 10.

Hope you had fun fixing out this error and enjoying the font. Comment your favourite fonts for flipfont in the comment section below.

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