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Emad Iqbal

Student & blogger

Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m the guy you see in the middle, and I’ve been writing articles which makes me a blogger. Isn’t it a fun fact? 

I’m an engineer turned blogger, writer and marketer. I am everything by night and Engineer by day. I’m also surprised that I manage this blog even after assignments!

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Why Tinder Is Famous With Teens?

Many adolescents including many matured 15 or under are utilizing “grown-up” dating application Tinder consistently, inquires about has found. Somebody percent of guardians even helped

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realme wireless earbuds review
Honest Reviews

Realme Wireless Buds Review

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored in anyway. I personally bought them and is reviewing for you to decide the best wireless earbuds out there.

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"Being Honest Is Powerful"

emad iqbal ali

About Emad

In real, I’m basically a 19 years young soul dealing with a lot in life. I’m currently expecting to be graduated in Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical by 2022.

I usually love to wander around, play soccer or just spend time with family & friends. I love making new friends and solving problems, you can always reach out to me to learn. I promise I wouldn’t disappoint you.

Emad Iqbal Ali - About Emad
Mohammed Emad Iqbal Ali

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