I’m Emad Iqbal

An Engineer By Day, A Writer By Night.

Helping You Enrich Your Mind.

Learn Developing WordPress Websites

Willing to learn developing sites on WordPress and willing to make money from freelance work, get in touch with me.

Learn Basics of Investments

As you plan for your retirement, you need to have assets built over time. Investing is crucial as it is laying out money now to get back more in the future.

Helping You Achieve Success Earlier Than Others

A Blog About Changing Your Lifestyle

I have been living for over 20 years on this planet and to be honest with you, there’s so much more to learn yet. However, as I come down from the long way and gain experiences overcoming difficulties at different aspects of life, I here share my experiences with you for free to help you avoid it and reach success earlier.

How Financial planning is important and how I learnt it late enough?

All time life lessons I have learned late in life.

Understand people and how their psychology works.

Health is wealth. That's right. A good lifestyle needs good aproach.

Life Lessons I Learnt

I discussed about the life lessons I learnt the hard way. Explore now.

Financial Advices

I am same! I learnt about investing a lot later in life and I regret it not starting early.

Managing Lifestyle

Health is everything. Your lifestyle shouldn’t be adverse yet much more productive.

Career Advice

I rarely do this. However, I have shared my experiences and difficulties comes in when you don’t have a good career advice.

About Me

In real life apart from being a blogger, I’m basically a 19 year old soul dealing with a lot in life. I’m currently expecting to be graduated in Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical by 2022. 

Since I was 15, I was very much intrigued by blogging or say having my own website. I started gathering information and self taught myself a lot. I also learned a great aspects of life and plenty of lessons.

What People Say About Me?

Emad have very diversified thinking and I believe he will be very intelligent as he is now in the future as well. He helped me understand very basic principles of life in the easiest way.

~Austin Mark

Although I never met him, I worked with him on similar projects in this pandemic and he is very well understanding to someone his age. I like this guy with immense motivation flowing through him.

~ Jennifer Orguerra

I will never forget the one thing he said, “You don’t have power to control the world, but you do have power to control yourself, control yourself and be the one you want to.” He has remarkable mind.

~Arvind Kumar

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